Dogs Unknown

The Puppy Blues with Client Hannah Craig (Summer Mini-Episode)

August 14, 2023 Brian Burton and Sarah Fraser Season 3 Episode 15
Dogs Unknown
The Puppy Blues with Client Hannah Craig (Summer Mini-Episode)
Show Notes

For most of us, bringing home a new puppy conjures many warm, fuzzy images and feelings. We think about puppy snuggles and kisses, introducing the puppy to family and friends, taking them for walks, and including them in our favorite activities.

And while puppies are amazing and can bring a lot of joy, they’re also a TON of work, and the reality of puppy ownership doesn’t usually match up to the vision we’ve created in our mind (or the one we’ve been sold on social media).

Enter the Puppy Blues. The puppy blues is an informal term that refers to the feelings of sadness, anxiety, overwhelm, regret, and other negative emotions many folks experience in the days, weeks, or months after welcoming a new puppy into their home.

If you’ve experienced the Puppy Blues - you’re not alone. A LOT of other dog owners have experienced them, too. We’re joined today by one of those individuals - Hannah Craig, a client at Instinct Hudson Valley, who has generously agreed to share their experience with us today.

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