Dogs Unknown

Don't Worry, She's Friendly

June 05, 2023 Brian Burton and Sarah Fraser Season 3 Episode 10
Dogs Unknown
Don't Worry, She's Friendly
Show Notes

Leash reactivity (lunging and barking at dogs and people) is one of the most common issues people come to us for help with, and so many of our clients experience a ton of judgment and disparaging comments from other dog owners when out on walks.

People ASSUME things about them and about their dog, based on that reactivity; "What's Wrong with that dog?" or "Why does their owner allow them to keep doing that?",  or "They should really get some training".

In this episode we discuss why these assumptions can be exceedingly incorrect, and how you (with your non-reactive dog) may be contributing to the issue.

Whether you have a leash reactive dog or not, this episode is for you.

- Ella Tirado (she/her/hers) CPDT-KA is a Certified Trainer at INSTINCT Hudson Valley.

- Jessica Wheatcraft (she/her/hers) CDBC, Founder of INSTINCT San Diego

- Jenna Slutzky (she/her/hers) KPA-CTP is a Certified Trainer with INSTINCT Nashville.

Hosts Brian Burton (he/him/his) and Sarah Fraser (she/her/hers) are Co-Founders and Co-CEOs of INSTINCT Dog Behavior & Training. Both are Certified Dog Behavior Consultants and have Master's degrees in Animal Behavior from Hunter College/CUNY.

INSTINCT has 11 locations across the US and services the global community via virtual consults. Over 20,000 students have also taken courses at INSTINCT's online school (with many free courses available): Learn more at

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