Dogs Unknown

The Struggle Bus

April 17, 2023 Brian Burton and Sarah Fraser Season 3 Episode 3
Dogs Unknown
The Struggle Bus
Show Notes

Have you found yourself on The Struggle Bus with your dog? Or are you currently on it? Whether it's normal (but sometimes challenging) puppy stuff, behavior challenges, a newly adopted dog, or an older dog that has changed recently, it's easy to find ourselves on The Struggle Bus, and it can be difficult to find a way to get off.

Today we discuss why you are not alone if you are on The Struggle Bus, how to use it as an opportunity to get curious rather than get control, how to be kind to yourself, important tips for the right mindset to move forward, and how to deal with sometimes challenging comments/behaviors from family and friends. 

Our guest today is Megan Ores-Uhrich, Co-Owner of Instinct St. Louis who brings her wealth of experience in behavior consulting and dog training to provide additional input to this conversation.

Hosts Brian Burton and Sarah Fraser are Co-Founders and Co-CEOs of INSTINCT Dog Behavior & Training. Both are Certified Dog Behavior Consultants and have Master's degrees in Animal Behavior from Hunter College/CUNY.

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