Dogs Unknown

MISMATCH: Conflict Resolution Styles

April 03, 2023 Brian Burton and Sarah Fraser Season 3 Episode 1
Dogs Unknown
MISMATCH: Conflict Resolution Styles
Show Notes

Today we’re covering a topic that applies to EVERYONE who shares their home with a dog - whether it’s a brand new puppy, a totally happy-go-lucky, loves-everyone-and-everything dog, or a dog with fear, anxiety, or aggression issues.

  • We’re talking about CONFLICT that arises in your relationship with your dog - and more specifically, we’re talking about how your dog (and you) approaches conflict and tries to resolve it. 
  • Conflict is a normal and unavoidable part of any relationship - including the relationship between you and your dog (and, if you have a multi-dog household, the relationship between your two dogs).
  • It becomes a problem when the strategies used by an individual (or individuals) to try to resolve the problem are physically or emotionally harmful to the other party. 
  • Within our Nature Driven Nurture framework, we identify FOUR main conflict resolution styles that dogs use to try to deal with conflict when it arises - both with humans, and with other dogs.
    • Those include Peacemakers, Ostriches, Warriors, and Tasmanian Devils
  • Understanding your dog’s conflict resolution style (and reflecting on your own!) is a huge piece of the puzzle when it comes to maintaining a peaceful household, and to protecting the relationship between you and your dog, or between the dogs in your household

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